2019 End Abuse Long Beach Award Recipients


Dr. Tiffany Brown, Assistant Superintendent, School Support Services for Long Beach Unified School D

Dr. Tiffany Brown, Assistant Superintendent, School Support Services for Long Beach Unified School District, leads the district’s Community-Based Mental Health Collaborative that brings the Department of Mental Health and eight community agencies together to deliver mental health services for approximately 60 Long Beach schools.  She helps ensure that these vital services are accessible to students and families across the district who are experiencing emotional or behavioral challenges.  LBUSD is a large school district, and she helps all the partners come together in the interest of at-risk youth with mental health concerns. Dr. Brown also has piloted inclusions in the district for transgender and LGBTQ youth, and has been supportive of all children feeling safe and supported for learning. 

Among her many accomplishments, in 2016, Dr. Brown teamed with Beach High School Principal Troy Bennett and The Guidance Center to start It’s About T.I.M.E., a trauma-informed training program for school staff and teachers. In 2015, Dr. Brown joined Erin Simon, Director of District Support Services, to present at the Council of Great City Schools conference in Long Beach about eliminating barriers to chronic truancy and absenteeism for students experiencing homelessness. 

In 2014, Dr. Brown was one of six people to earn an IMPACT Award from City Prosecutor Doug Haubert honoring Brown’s efforts to work with the City Prosecutor and the PACT program to reduce chronic truancy in the school district. She was also the 2009 Region V recipient of the Nadine Lambert Award for Outstanding School Psychologists from the California Association of School Psychologists. Dr. Brown (on a personal note) is also a very humble, hardworking, and kind woman. We thank her for her amazing work in the greater Long Beach area with children and the district!” 


Alicia Rodriguez Domestic Violence Victim Advocate with the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office


As Director of Residential Services at Century V  

n October 2006, Alicia Rodriguez began her career as Domestic Violence Victim Advocate with the Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office. Since that day, she’s helped assess hundreds of victims who have experienced emotional, physical, and psychological trauma and helped educate them about their rights. Alicia assists victims with finding shelter and transportation when needed and acts as a point of contact for nearly 100% of all victims. She attends every victim interview and provides support for any victim or witness, child or adult, at arraignment, trial, hearings or any other judicial and administrative proceedings. 

Over the years Alicia has developed critical and particularized people skills that make her an integral part of the prosecution team with contacting all witnesses and victims on an array of cases including domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, vehicular manslaughter and sex crimes.  Her soft and nurturing demeaner give people the open ear they need when dealing with criminal cases.

Prior to working with the City Prosecutor’s Office, she volunteered with the WomenShelter of Long Beach as a court advocate for victims of domestic violence. She has continued her dedication to volunteering by being an active member of the Junior League of Long Beach for 10 years. Alicia has served on the JLLB Board of Directors as the Executive Secretary in 2013-2014, as well as Chairing committees. Just this spring she was the recipient of a Memorial Award in honor of Karen Rector for exemplified dedication to and support of JLLB members and the mission. 

Alicia received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Women’s Studies from California State University Long Beach. She takes great pride in her connection to this community and not just by helping those affected by crime but by volunteering her time. Alicia is married to her wife Suehey for close to five years. They live in Long Beach and enjoy frequenting many local restaurants and spending time with their family and friends. 

Past Recipients


Kimberly Wee, MA, Century

Juana Melara, Advocate


Tim Varvais, M.A., M.S., Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services 

Nathan Swaringen, L.C.S.W., The Guidance Center


Jessica Alvarez, Parent, Safe Passages 

Virginia Zart,  Junior League, WAG

Ellen Hartwick, The LGBTQ Center Long Beach


Tracy Colunga, City of Long Beach

Stephanie Dowds, City of Long Beach


Sergeant Eric Hooker, and The Long Beach Police Department, Vice Investigations Team


Dominique Quevedo, Legal Aid Foundation Los Angeles

Tory Cox, PhD, University Southern California



Giovanna Martinez, WSLB

Bryan Littlefield, Volunteer at For the Child and Larry Wong American Heritage Foundation


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