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January 14 Program

Lt. Dan Pratt, Long Beach Police Department

"Human Trafficking in Long Beach"


Thursday, January 14, 2016


8:00 - 8:20 a.m. Networking & Introductions
8:20 - 9:30 a.m. - Program


Alpert Jewish Community Center, Senior Room
3801 E. Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90815

Contact info: (562) 570-7385  DAN.PRATT@LONGBEACH.GOV

Lieutenant Dan PrattLieutenant Dan Pratt , Long Beach Police Department Vice Investigations, is a 22-year veteran of LBPD. He has a Master’s Degree from CSULB in Emergency Services Management and is married with three beautiful children, ages 28, 25, and 11. He has worked numerous assignments, but it was not until he worked vice that he truly understood the issue of human trafficking.

Lieutenant Pratt is a member of the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force and takes every opportunity to educate the public on the topic. He has presented blocks of instruction to law enforcement, high school/college students, community groups, healthcare professionals, and airport personnel. His goal is to keep our kids safe, offer services to those in need, and arrest the vile suspects who profit from the sale of others. His detectives work diligently and tirelessly on the latter.

The LBPD Vice Investigations Section has filed more human trafficking cases than any other agency in Los Angeles County for the last two years. In 2014, they filed 24 cases, arrested 26 suspects, and rescued 29 minor victims. Since the team adopted a victim centered approach, they have been very successful in helping women and girls get off the street and provide them with the services they need. The team has received numerous awards for their groundbreaking approach to this tragic issue. Their passion drives them to be creative and resourceful, constantly adapting their methods to counter those of the traffickers. It is this passion that makes them so successful.

Human trafficking is the second largest international crime industry behind illegal drugs and reportedly generates a profit of $32 billion a year. Most people think of human trafficking as a crime that exists in other countries and involves the transportation of victims to and from foreign lands. When, in fact, it is happening in every state across the nation, and the majority of the victims in the United States are American citizens. 

Pimps coerce girls as young as 11 years old to commit sex acts for money; group homes have become recruiting grounds for future minor victims; mothers and fathers are selling their daughters for sex, and this is happening in most cities in America.  Most victims have endured mental and physical abuse tantamount to torture, have been branded with tattoos of the trafficker’s street name, have been moved away and isolated from their families, and have had their lives completely controlled by their trafficker. The victims, some barely teenagers, were deprived of food and sleep and were forced to commit countless acts of prostitution for the sole financial gain of their trafficker.

In 2013, The Long Beach Police Department Vice Investigations Detail recognized the impact of new legislation as an opportunity to incarcerate human traffickers with increased prison sentences and provide assistance to minor and adult victims forced into a life of prostitution. In 2013 and 2014, the team made more arrests for human trafficking than any other Los Angeles County agency.

Long Beach Police Lieutenant Dan Pratt will provide the latest information on this topic, teach you how to keep your kids safe, and help you recognize the warning signs.

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